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We at Rug Cleaning Hartford take great pride in our superb rug cleaning service. Our key philosophy is to first distinguish between different types of rugs before we start cleaning them. Each rug has its own unique texture, cleaning technique and special cleaning products. Therefore, we assign them into two main categories: Oriental rugs and Synthetic rugs. Your rugs are precious, which is why we take no risks when cleaning them.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are much more different than synthetic rugs. These require much more special care than regular rugs. For that reason, Rug Cleaning Hartford doesn't just clean it in your house. We'll pick up your antique or handmade rug and professionally clean it with the most advanced equipment in our facilities. No matter if you have a silk, wool, Persian or Chinese rug, we promise to repair and restore your beautiful oriental rugs.

More importantly, we know your oriental rug is expensive and have an authentic value. Hartford Rug Cleaning team of experts knows exactly which cleaning materials to use. Our professional cleaning will not only prolong the life of your rug, it will also save its historical value. You can be at peace; your rug is in good hands.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs are easier to clean and will cost you less too. We use nothing but the best stem and dry cleaning techniques. At first, we use a special heated formula, with the proper PH balance, followed by a deep cleaning and a powerful vacuuming. Finally, an addition hand wash will be preformed if necessary. Rug Cleaning Hartford promises your rug will be fresh, clean, it will look new just like you deserve to.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is important for us. We want you to know that Hartford Rug Cleaning cares about the environment. Therefore, when cleaning rugs, we only use environment-friendly cleaning products. When you truly intend to, saving the environment is easy. Either you choose to get your rugs professionally cleaned with us or clean them yourself; we always recommend using green cleaning products. We make the world smile with green cleaning products.

Safe Cleaning

We know safe cleaning products are crucial for your health. That's why we take no chances and only use organic, toxic-free substances. Moreover, you might be surprised to find out that a professional rug cleaning can be beneficial to your health. It get rids of major portion of your home allergens, that are invisible to the eye and contaminate the air you breathe. With Rug Cleaning Hartford You can be safe and sound, as we are truly the best in the business.

Customer service

Customer service is highly important to us, as we hold strong values of customer service and satisfaction. Call us now and you'll get a quick response and a free estimate in your home or office. Our rug cleaners will adjust themselves around your busy schedule.

For a professional rug cleaning, call 860-656-6161 Rug Cleaning Hartford

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